Bed Times and School Uniform

Posted on February 19, 2018 by Chartfield School in News

We have been noticing lately that an increasing number of children are very tired and lethargic at school so we would like to ask that you ensure your child keeps to a sensible bedtime. Children should have enough sleep so that they wake up on their own the next morning, ready for a good breakfast and school.

We are a little concerned at the percentage of the children’s free time spent on games consoles. Gaming may be an enjoyable hobby for children but we must ask that you try to ensure that it does not have a detrimental effect on your child’s schoolwork. The excessive use of games consoles is creeping in to all aspects of the children’s school life, from writing creative pieces about zombies and monsters to re-enacting battles in the playground. Whereas we are not telling you how to do your job as a parent, we are asking for your co-operation with this matter and hope that you can appreciate we just have your child’s best interests at heart. We therefore request all parents to limit their child’s gaming time to a sensible amount, either only weekends or no more than 30 minutes during the week.

We are also noticing that more and more children are not wearing the correct uniform. Please see the attached list of uniform for each class. We are known in the local community by our brightly coloured uniform and we pride ourselves that Chartfield children have always been smart. We have a well-stocked second hand uniform shop kindly run by Miss Havercroft, all enquiries please text 07787154265. We would also like to ask that you all check your child’s uniform and ensure that each item of clothing is named. We request woven tags to label uniform and ask that they are stitched in to your child’s clothing; all other varieties eventually just fall off. Uniform is expensive and something that should be worn with pride. It is impossible for us to ensure that lost uniform is returned if the items are not named or bear the name of the previous wearer.

Please stitch labels in at the back of the collar on all coats, blazers, jumpers, cardigans, dresses, sweatshirts, shirts and PE tops. Labels should be stitched in to the back of the waistband on all kilts, trousers, shorts, PE shorts and jogging bottoms. It is very helpful that labels are sewn in the same place on in every child’s uniform; it makes it so much easier when uniform goes missing.

We thank you for your support with these very important issues.

Kind regards,
Miss Shipley.

A complete list of school uniform can be found here.