Chartfield PTFA Sweepstake: FIFA World Cup 2018

Posted on June 9, 2018 by Chartfield School in Charity Events, PFTA

Fed up with the World Cup already?

Whether you love the beautiful game or dread the next month we have something to amuse you during the World Cup. Join our Chartfield PTFA Sweepstake for a chance to win some cash. Come into the office pick a random country from the pot (no peeking) and pay £2 to enter, nothing could be easier!

1st prize: £15

2nd Prize: £10

3rd Prize: £5

The rules are simple, just sit back and watch your team romp to victory, 1st place in the World Cup means first place in the sweepstake. If we have a large amount of interest we will run more than one sweepstake so ask grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbours and friends and see which country will be lucky for you!

All profit will go to the PTFA.