Christmas Shopping with The Giving Machine

Posted on November 14, 2014 by Chartfield School in News


As a lot of you will know, medications Chartfield School PTFA is a beneficiary of The Giving Machine, which gives the PTFA a donation for every penny that a signed up member spends. This means that if you go on Amazon to do some Christmas shopping, for every penny you spend on your loved ones, the PTFA receives a percentage of what you spend.

The PTFA asks very nicely that if you plan to do your Christmas shopping online this year, or shop online in general, that you sign up and help your school. To sign up, enter the link below into your preferred browser:

From that page, please select “Join and Support”. After entering your details, you’ll be given your own profile, from which you can go shopping and start earning donations for the PTFA. However, The Giving Machine also has an add-on for all the major web browsers called Shop & Give that simplifies the process.

To install the add-on, simply click “Install Shop&Give reminder” and follow the instructions that appear on-screen. This page will also show you how the add-on works. Now, whenever you go shopping on a supported website, it’ll prompt you to click a button, which will then allow a donation to be made.

And remember, The Giving Machine works not only at Christmas, but whenever you do some internet shopping!

The PTFA greatly appreciates your support!