Harvest Festival 2018

As lots of you are aware, every year we hold a special Harvest Festival Assembly for the children. This year we will celebrate Harvest on Friday 5th October and our service will be held at Christ Church in Westgate, everyone will be welcome. We ask that the children are either delivered to school by 8.30 am with their school bags, lunch boxes and harvest baskets for us to walk into Westgate or delivered to the church with their belongings between 8.45 and 9am. Our service will be short and will start at approximately 9.15. We ask each child to bring in a basket or box of food to be presented to old friends of Chartfield and the elderly in the local community.

We ask when preparing your donation to bear in mind that some of our recipients are on their own so some small tins and packets would be a good idea, we also ask you to include some fresh fruits and vegetables. Some people decorate their baskets with flowers or wheat, it is entirely up to you how you prepare your gift.

If you would like to give your basket to someone in particular please ensure that your child’s name is clearly marked on it. All baskets with a child’s name on will be returned. including the food. to the child at the end of the day, all baskets with no name will be delivered by some of the older children from school during the day. Many people present their gifts in a cardboard box or a washing up bowl rather than a basket as unless labelled with your child’s name the baskets will not be returned. Please also note that if the basket is labelled with your child’s name the whole gift will be returned including all contents. I know in the past baskets have been labelled for return but actually all that was wanted back was the basket itself. If the basket is something you wish to keep may we please suggest you don’t send it in for Harvest Festival.

We thank you very much for your very kind donations, every year we receive many letters and cards of gratitude from the recipients of your baskets. If you know of an elderly member of our community that you think would benefit from a basket please send their name and address in to be added to our list. Please do not hesitate to come in and ask if you have any further questions.

Thank you,
Miss Shipley